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September 26, 2014

Statcounter Measures a Spike #measureit

Screenshot from PowerPoint Online.

I AM USING a Web Analytics module hand-in-hand with Powerpoint Online to gather student feedback directly after lectures. I present the lecture and then students modify the slide deck during a follow-on practical session.

Today's #measureit challenge involves my own blog at Irish.Typepad.com, a site more often known as InsideView.ie. Years ago, that simple blog generated 1000 page views a day. Now it rarely gets more than 100 people a day. I invited students to review a variety of data as well as suggest ways to grab back the attention of dozens of people who used to read my blog posts while on my website.

There's a lot of active learning going on in this session. I got an hour's worth of feedback from students, along with some pointed questions about why I'm studying my blog's meltdown through Statcounter instead of with Google Analytics--it's because I've a decade of content in Statcounter's data silos. Perhaps the most significant part of this half day investigation is the integration of Powerpoint Online in the co-authoring process. I watched on my laptop as students created their slides through their browsers. Everything worked perfectly and I uploaded the slide deck on Slideshare and an audio clip on Audioboo.

[Google.com/+Bernie Goldbach is the senior pilot creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick Institute of Technology.]


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