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Geofenced e-mail. Venue-specific correspondence.

I GET A LOT OF MILEAGE out of Gmail and now I can boomerang a message to a specific location. This is very handy when I need to have petinent messages in front of me at the right place.

All my important meetings involve working through details connected by threads of emails. With Boomerang, I can push received mails to the top of my Inbox when I arrive at different locations. All I have to do is to Boomerang a message and also set a Location option.

I can also make Boomerang move messages out of my Inbox and then return then to the top of my email when I arrive home. In actual practise, this means my Android phone alerts me when I get within a half mile of our home. 

I also save Tablet emails that spotlight incredible restaurants and special amenities in locations like New York City or Portland, Oregon. Boomerang then returns those messages, as soon as I enter the respective metropolitan areas. I can also email notes about specific locations to myself through the Boomerang app, using the Location option with the messages. These notes then appear at the top of my Inbox when I get to the specific locations.

The Boomerang app does not transmit any information about location to any service outside of my phone. In fact, Boomerang does not access location data unless I select the location option inside the Boomerang app.

I could just use stock Android to set reminders for specific locations but I need the Boomerang app to push email messages, with all their rich information, to me in a location-aware manner. As much as I hate to admit it, location-aware email improves my productivity. The only negative thing is if I leave Boomerang and work my email through any other app, some of the Boomerang actions (primarly deletions) will not be in sync with the other email client. That means I occasionally have to delete the same email twice--but that mail sync snag happens when I switch from my Android phone to my Windows Phone anyway. 

[Bernie Goldbach is the senior pilot creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick School of Art and Design.]