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Fixing 805a8011 on Lumia

I HAVE A persistent error 805a8011 on my well-worn Lumia 1020 and there's no workaround beyond a hard reset.

I'm left with no option beyond the hard reset because several sync errors have appeared on the handset, indicating the phone doesn't know its identity.

I've tried the simple things.

1. The phone has plenty of memory (6 GB) available and less than 100 MB floating around in the temporary files.

2. I changed the Date and Time to manual settings and then used the soft reset option on the phone.

3. I tried adding a new address to the phone before soft resetting the phone and syncing it as the main address for the Windows Store. That won't work because the phone's primary address is the one trying to sync itself to the cloud.

4. I tried deleting other permanently syncing accounts (i.e., Twitter and LinkedIn) but they won't uncouple from the handset.

I'm stuck with a hard reset but only after I get a place to store a 4GB treasure trove of Christmas season snaps. I also need to take notes on what I've pinned to the home screen of the phone because several helpful live tiles sit there and I've started depending upon the business intelligence they provide at a simple glance.

For the record, here is a list of the Windows Phone apps I need to restore on the Lumia 1020:

-- 2Day

-- Adobe Reader

-- Alarms

-- Amazon Kindle

-- Audible Audiobooks

-- Audio Recorder Pro

-- Audiocloud

-- Baby School Bus Pro

-- Battery

-- BodBot Personal Trainer

-- BringCast

-- Calculator

-- Calendar

-- Data Sense

-- Disqus

-- Enpass

-- Evernote

-- Facebook

-- Flickr

-- Flickr Booth

-- Freda+

-- Google

-- Google Mail

-- Health & Fitness

-- HERE Drive+

-- HERE Maps

-- Hike & Bike

-- Hotmail

-- Instagram Beta

-- Internet Explorer

-- Jack of Tools Pro

-- Life360 Family Locator

-- LinkedIn

-- Lit

-- Lumia Creative Studio

-- Lumia Panorama

-- Lumia Video Trimmer

-- Lync 2010

-- Messaging

-- Messenger

-- Minecraft PE

-- Mini Dash

-- Mix Radio

-- Movie Maker

-- MovieJax

-- Music

-- MyTrips

-- Nokia Camera Beta

-- Office

-- Office Lens

-- OneDrive

-- OneNote


-- People

-- Phone

-- Photos

-- Podcast Lounge

-- Reading List

-- Scan - QR Code

-- Settings

-- Skype

-- Stacks for Instapaper

-- Start Slideshow

-- Storage Sense

-- Store

-- Swarm

-- Time-Lapse Pro

-- Toshl Finance

-- Transfer My Data

-- TrackRunner

-- TripAdvisor

-- TubeCast

-- Tumblr

-- Tweetium

-- Twitter

-- UniShare

-- Video

-- Video Upload


-- Wave Maser

-- Yahoo! Mail

-- Zinio

I started the hard reset by turning the phone off first. Then I held the volume down button until an exclamation mark appeared. I connected the phone's power cable at that point. Then I pressed the volume up, volume down, ower, and volume down button, felt the phone vibrate and watched cogs rotate for several minutes on the phone's screen.