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We Couldn't Find Wireless Devices

We Couldn't Find WirelessScreenshot from my Microsoft Surface.

THE ONLY SNAG I have encountered after 70 days of using the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as my primary laptop happened one day when "We couldn't find wireless devices on this PC". I knew I had a problem because both Bluetooth and WiFi functions were offline.

Solving the problem was very simple. I didn't have to ask Google for help, I just searched for the answer on my Surface. I explained what I did as part of an Audioboo.

A Surface Snag


1. Simultaneously clicked the Windows and W keys to open the search function on the Surface.

2. Searched for the exact phrase "update device drivers" and the Surface opened the dialog box for "Device Manager".

3. Scrolled down to "Network Adapters." My Surface had three options to choose and that is pretty standard for any laptop running Windows 8.

4. Clicked on the "WiFi Adapter".

5. Clicked on the tab labeled "Driver".

6. Chose "Update Driver". I just clicked the first driver shown.

7. Watched another dialog box open. Selected "Search automatically for updated driver software". I had to select my C Drive to ensure the search extended across all files on the Surface.

8. Waited less than a minute for the driver to install.

9. Rebooted the Surface because that is what the screen said to do.

9. Watched both my Bluetooth Mouse and WiFi connections returm to normal.

I also had to restore my Google Log-in because when the network adapter failed, it took several password strings with it.

I remain happy with the Microsoft Surface and think I'll keep bashing away with it or its younger brother in 2015.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative multimedia skills to students in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]