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Remembering Evelyn Goldbach

WE BURIED MY mother, Evelyn Frances Goldbach, in the family plot today. In her memory, we have pulled together a five-minute video from dozens of photos she enjoyed viewing during her 88 years.

Download the movie clip.

This short video clip uses Mantovani's instrumental version of "Charmaine" as a backing track. The Mantovani orchestra enjoyed its first hit in the US charts in 1951. It peaked at #10 in 1952, the same time my mom and dad met each other the first time. They enjoyed hearing the song and sometimes began dancing spontaneously when they heard it on the radio. I have purchased five different versions of the song and am storing two of them on my blog as the backing track of the short slide show honouring my mother.

View the 5:56 clip on OneDrive.

[Evelyn "Rickie" Goldbach was born on March 24, 1926. She died on January 8, 2015.]