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January 27, 2015

Roaming Costs Won't Go Away

THE EUROPEAN UNION did a big favour for consumers by imposing limitations on mobile phone roaming costs. I saw the generosity of that favourable treatment when traveling from Ireland to the States for my mother's last days.

I spent 21 days in the States. Because I talked to people in Ireland several times with updates to my mom's condition and funeral arrangements, I paid an average of 14 euro a day in roaming charges. I accept the pain of those charges along with the grief I felt when mom died.

At this point, I just accept roaming charges being part of the fixed cost of flying across the ocean. When my trips become more regular, I'll have a Verizon handset and a Verizon Mifi dongle to keep my connectivity costs well below my current spending.

UPDATE: I posted this item because I knew I'd get a few helpful tips. As a result of writing about the pain of roaming, I've now discovered a way to cut my monthly phone bill by 20 euro. I love the wisdom of the crowd.

[Bernie Goldbach collects mileage credits when crossing from Dublin to Philadelphia.]


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