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Discovering #Febooary

THERE'S A CLUSTER of social audio advocates who complete an audio challenge every year during the month of February. First launched on Audioboo in 2012, it's continued running as #Febooary on several social networks.

Screenshot of Febooary search results on Lumia.

One of the daily questions asks, "How did you discover Feboary?" and I made a short audio clip with my explanation.

How I Discovered Febooary


I think it's important to acknowledge a few people who kept me connected to the idea of sharing stories through audio.

Christian Payne (Milton Keynes, England) introduced me to the concept of authentic social audio.

Ian Kath (Brisbane, Australia) took me through the streets of Berlin, providing fresh images in my mind as he stumbled upon some of my favourite street corners.

Simon Toon and Ruth Arnold in England share snippets of their lives in the form of audio logs throughout the year, not just during the month of February.

Catherine Martinez (Corn Country, USA) is the current audio wrangler of Febooary15. I enjoy listening to her as she drives a school bus or shares long drives to Texas.

Rich Roberts (Tioga County, NY) keeps me thinking about the weather and corn fields of home.

Phil Sorrell (Northampton, England) introduced me to the idea of social hiking by taking his Android phone on microadventures.

Paul Hopkins (Birmingham, England) brought me into the real of the visually impaired and illuminated a new dimension of accessibility that I really did not appreciate until he started sharing those moments.

Mark Cotton (The New Barcelona) continues teaching me about audio wrangling, in between producing episodes of the Bletchley Park podcast.

Richard Hubbuck (Wiltshire, England) probably has more in common with me and my military uniform than anybody across my social networks.

Paul O'Mahony (Cork, Ireland) shares his mobile studio with the world on various trips around Cork and Ireland.

Peter Donegan (Ballyboughal, Ireland) invites me into his world for trad sessions, bedtime stories and sodshows.

I miss my regular Wholesome Ireland episodes with Catriona Redmond (Ballybriggan, Ireland) and think real world challenges must be keeping her away.

There's nothing blocking James Macolgan (Bathgate, Scotland) from sharing 10-minute morning conversations laced with bird song.

I know people fade away from watering holes when other opportunities come their way. And I know the current Audioboo platform is pivoting towards more of a commercial radio model so I don't believe we'll be able to continue the current kind of shared community initiative for much longer. But for now, in early 2015, I'm enjoying the shared audio through my earbuds.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches multimedia storytelling in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]