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February 2015

Sharing #28DaysOfWriting Outside of Silos

Photo by @topgold of a military silo where he worked.

I LEARN MORE through the serendipity of sharing than I do through directed channels. During the past month, I bumped into very valuable professional tips coming from people contributing to the #28DaysOfWriting meme in various places. [1] Importantly, I bumped into this content without having to join a channel, download a specific app or use a password. The content flowed from an RSS feed. [2]



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RIP Rita Clohessy

Photo of Rita Clohessy (seated) with Paula Briody in Tipperary Institute.

RITA CLOHESSY, mum and friend, colleague and fixer, died peacefully in her County Tipperary home. She leaves behind memories that sweep over hundreds of Tipperary third level graduates in the calm sea of gratitude she graciously filled with her caring nature.

I've known Rita Clohessy since the earliest days of this century when the two of us shared an office space in Thurles across the road from the newly-commissioned Tipperary Institute. Rita shared practical life lessons ranging across the spectrum of the best way to control mice in the cupboard to how to divert critical funding into youth training programmes. She could fix things before I knew they were broken. Behind the scenes, her special touch smoothed out wrinkles during major events we held on both campuses of the Tipperary Institute.

For all of her life, Rita remained true to the family values that make Ireland the most special place on earth. Rita brought those family values to the workplace where they were welcomed as part of the Tipperary Institute culture. Like many of us, she hoped that caring culture would be infused to the big school house in Limerick. Rita has left that important call to action to those of us who will carry her loving memory into classrooms, community groups and programme boards to serve the needs of young people who aspire to learn to learn in a caring environment Rita Clohessy helped to shape.

Rest in peace, Rita. We'll be praying at your 1130 funeral Mass on Thursday, 26 February in St James Church, Twomileborris, County Tipperary. We'll be standing in a guard of honour for you after the Requiem Mass.

My Screen View #28DaysOfWriting

YOU CAN TELL productivity is in flow when you look over the shoulders of creative people. Sometimes their secret sauce spills over their personal in-hand screens.

Sometimes you see creativity on the office whiteboards.

When you walk into a house of code, occasional grease pencil scrawls show what kind of code is being cut by clever developers.

Screenshot of @topgold's Lumia 1520.

Knowing that, I am trying to develop a workflow that prioritizes my workflow at a glance when I turn over my Lumia screen. I have tried doing that during #28DaysOfWriting and now offer a sample screenshot. I will create an audio clip to give a deeper dive into the screen view of my 28 day workflow.

[Bernie Goldbach is dabbling with #28DaysOfWriting while completing the #FeBOOary audio challenge.]

Where to Park the Digital Memories

DAVE WINER, The Blogfather, bangs a familiar drumbeat about keeping your memories in a place you control. [1] Winer is one reason I have a stack of digital files in a safe place.

Photo of @topgold's digital stash.

Vint Cerf, considered by some to be the Father of the Internet, offered thoughts about digital vellum last week. [2] His basic message is we are not taking care to save important items in formats that people in the 22nd century will be able to read and hear. He thinks we should try to keep our most precious memories in archival paper form. I have a bottle of India ink for that express purpose.

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Teaching Active Engagement for All Ages

Photo of @evelynoconnor in full flow.

I LEARN MORE ABOUT ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT by watching others who share their stories. That's excellent storyteller Evelyn O'Connor in the photo who proves my point.

I also try to improve my personal method of engagement by following the advice of cognitive psychologists who work with the Hanen Method. Hanen teach parents how to improve communication with their children. A lot of the Hanen Method applies to online social engagement too, as I discuss in the embedded audio clip.

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Condolences to @evelynoconnor

St Patricks BallyhaunisI WAS SADDENED to hear of the sudden death of Pat O'Connor, father of Evelyn O'Connor who has helped our Youth Media Team in many creative ways. May Pat rest in peace.

An online death notice cites the deep regret of "his loving wife Patricia, sons David and Cormac, daughters Deirdre, Evelyn and Sarah, grandchildren, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, sisters Anne, Bridie and Mary, brother John and extended family, neighbours and friends". Pat O'Connor died on Monday, February 16, 2015.

The funeral Mass was at 11am Thursday, 19 February in St Patrick's Church, Ballyhaunis, County Mayo (in the photo by Gabrielle Lyons).

Donations if desired to CROÍ c/o Gavin’s Undertakers, Knox Street, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.

I buried my mother a month ago in a funeral attended by several Irish-Americans. Two close family friends are O'Connors but not directly related to Pat O'Connor's family. Death is affecting people I know every week of 2015. I believe that a person who departs from this earth never truly leaves. I certainly feel that way about my mother because she is still alive in the hearts and minds of her five sons. And I'm certain that the memory of Pat O'Connor will not be forgotten as well.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire O'Connor family at this sad time.

Productive and Bright Mornings #GTD

FEBRUARY RETURNS DAYLIGHT earlier in the day and where we live in County Tipperary, it often means lovely colours streaking across the sky like in the photo. I feel motivated and productive under those colors.

Photo of sunrise by @topgold.

It also helps that my body clock syncs naturally to these daybreak hours. What remains is to reward myself with the first cup of coffee only after I review the day's task list and calendar agenda. I think I will toggle over to another screen and do that now.

[Bernie Goldbach hopes to conquer procrastination through a self-coaching process.]

Free Form Flying #28DaysOfWriting

After landing with Capt Goldbach.

I BECAME the senior pilot creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick School of art & Design during the 28 Days of Writing because I needed a clear and distinct job title. Many of my colleagues append their names with initials but I believe I can lead with a distinct title instead.

The title is a call to action. It's something I've been considering while reading educators who are using February for 28 days of writing simultaneously as I was engrossed in the annual #FeBOOary audio challenge. My call to action concerns flying back into the cockpit by generating revenue that will help offset the cost of flying a small aircraft around Ireland.

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20 Minute Interval Training

MY 20 MINUTE interval training has started, thanks to a combination of factors that I mention in the my audio clip embedded below. In brief, this means I will attack my to-do list in 20 minute bursts, followed by 10 minutes of outside air.

I will report back with results next month. I know the proof lies in practising a routine for three consecutive weeks.

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