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Making LinkedIn Work at Third Level

Photo of @topgold's LinkedIn on Lumia

ONE OF THE most valuable experiences we can give to a third level student is the ability to seek and find career information online. We contribute to that initiative when our creative multimedia students develop credible profiles on LinkedIn.

Part of the first year social media module in the Limerick School of Art & Design covers LinkedIn. Students get academic credit by establishing profiles there, sharing posts and joining groups. By looking at a cross-section of those students, I can see their career aspirations develop a better focus.

Adam Aranowski is a creative multimedia student who "sometimes has no idea what to do in free time". He uses a Wacom tablet more than a mouse.

Lorcan Blake is a "budding web developer, graphic designer and programmer" who likes "things to work and be pretty". He has worked with the Clonmel Junction Festival before. He is following several important companies that have offered meaningful employment to students.

Lorcan Following

Ryan Burke is an aspiring programmer and web developer. He is a member of the LinkedIn Group for Social Media Interns.

Claire Butler's profile shows a strong set of front-of-shop skills along with her newly acquired multimedia skills.

Dean Butler does not have a profile.

Mateusz Folda is just starting his profile.

Killian Foley does not have a profile.

James Hewitt Post

James Hewitt is a gamer and aspiring game developer. His profile broadcasts that, from the header graphic he uses to the posts he has shared.

Mokarram Hossain has not developed his profile.

Kevin Kehoe has developed a very focused interest in computer games. His enthusiasm comes through in the LinkedIn posts he has written.

Kevin Kehoe

Kevin Kennedy does not stand out from dozens of other members of the same name.

Ryan Lynch shows some of his creative typography in posts he has created with LinkedIn.

Reece Maher's profile is stuck in retail and needs to move into creative media.

Fionn Murphy has no profile.

Jeff Musungaie plans "to become a Web Developer who can deliver front-end secure development through jQuery, CSS3, PHP, HTML5, and MySQL. I m developing expertise in fully responsive designs across a wide array of devices". If successful, his third year portfolio will show complex jQuery animations.

According to LinkedIn, Stephanie O'Brien's profile places her in a space where the following kinds of jobs have emerged: Digital Media Designer, Web Developer, Multimedia Developer, Web and Mobile Applications Developer, Digital Video Specialist, Interaction Designer and Motion Graphic Designer.

Tomas O'Connor has posted about wire frames and written about several techniques that suggest he knows how to set up a complex web project.

Tomas O'Connor

Cian O'Donnell has no meaningful profile.

Malgorzata Rosenfeld links to her online portfolio.

Simon Standbridge has a clever custom URL in

Our Jane Toomey has no LinkedIn profile.

Patrick Walshe has not developed a profile inside LinkedIn.

It takes courage to put your qualifications and aspirations into the middle of a professional social network like LinkedIn. Part of the social media module in LSAD should provide that courage and support as creative multimedia students learn how to produce portfolios for the job market they can see inside LinkedIn.

[Bernie Goldbach developed Ireland's first third level social media module in 2007 and is]