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Marcell Avastar Wireless Composite Device

Photo of Surface Pro 2 by @topgold.

I HAVE A RECURRING problem with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2--it loses its Marvell Avastar Wireless Composite Device nearly every time Windows 8.1 updates. I share some recovery techniques below the break.

The simplest recovery worked once for me. I just disabled the device driver and restarted the Surface. But that was more than 10 updates ago (more than 10 wireless adapter loss sessions for me).

I've been able to merely delete the driver and then point to the driver's INF file in a Desktop folder. That works most of the time.

If I had more room on my 128 GB Surface, I would roll back one increment and Restore W8.1 to a previously operating level. However, I'm space-constrained and have no valid Restore points on the Surface. I need to fix that deficiency so it's easier restoring the Marcell Avastar Wireless Composite Device on the Surface Pro 2.

[Bernie Goldbach first restored a broken computer in 1982.]