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The 7yo's Benchmarks for Smartphone Apps #febooary

I HAVE STARTED asking our 7yo questions arising from Febooary, the annual audio challenge. [1] I learn a lot through the feedback of other people who use my phone, especially from young Mia (below) who is well able to tap around and voice her thoughts.

The TLDR version is "ensure everything published by Toca Boca is on every handset in the home.

Talking to a Smartphone User

In young Mia's mind, no time spent using a smartphone is time wasted. That is surely good news for app developers everywhere. Within a few years, Mia will have iTunes vouchers in her room, allowing her to feed her insatiable smartphone habit.

Our resident expert is growing up with hands-on skills in iOS, Chromebook apps and Windows Phones. I hope she creates her first smartphone app before she finishes her current school year.

1. I first discovered Febooary on Audioboo. The current organiser has cobbled together a playlist of relevant audio clips on Audioboom. Cross-talk on Twitter (using the hashtag #febooary) often points to content stored on other platforms.

2. If a daily audio challenge appeals to you, I suggest you listen to Tumblr for daily updates.

[Bernie Goldbach is the senior pilot creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]