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Discovering #Febooary

What's in YOUR bag? #febooary

Snap of @topgold's worn Bihn Bag.

I'M A BIT of a voyeur so when people I follow start revealing what they carry around, I'm all ears. The question, "What's in your bag?" is part of the annual FeBOOary social audio challenge.

In Topgold's Febooary Bag


The most common item inside most bags: receipts. Same for me, along with a dozen train tickets. Those tickets remind me to file travel expenses in a more timely manner.

While listening to a dozen people, I realise I don't carry any sort of medication or sweets. But I'm the only one who admitted to carrying pull-up pants in my time-worn Bihn bag. The bag itself has become a sort of personal badge, as though it is a uniform item.

I will put a shot of the bag on this blog post as a personal reminder to give it a wash this decade.

[Bernie Goldbach is the senior pilot creative multimedia lecturer flying out of the Limerick Institute of Technology.]