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Mobile Livestreaming Since 2010 #mojocon

Qik Livestream recorded 11 March 2010 on Nokia E90.

IT IS EASY to forget things that happen before their time and Qik's livestreaming service is one of them. We first started covering live events with Qik running on Symbian phones in 2009 and made the process part of the creative multimedia degree programme in Tipperary Institute.

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Remembering Locked Cockpit Doors #4u9525

Cockpit Door Panel from EFB Desktop

AVIATION DISASTERS, like the recent unfortunate loss of Germanwings 4U9525, sadden me and cause me to rewind back through human factors I investigated while a Flight Safety Officer with the US Air Force. Today, I'm thinking a lot about the way the Airbus cockpit is protected from entry because locked cockpit doors might be cited as the single cause of failure in some aircraft disasters. [1]

During my career as an instructor pilot in the US Air Force, I walked through wreckage of fatal aircraft accidents while investigating their causes and I walked through reconstructed crash scenes during recurrency training as an accident investigator. My role in these investigations was to dig into the human factors behind aircraft accidents. That meant trying to burrow into the flight scenario and to see the incident from the perspective of the pilots behind the controls. I would look into the personal lives of aircrew members, including their financial transactions, home lives, crew rest, duty periods and medication. I was an instructor pilot in two different types of military aircraft during my time in uniform, including the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter. I've seen highly qualified pilots make critical errors while airborne. In fact, I would induce some of those errors during local training flights or in the flight simulator. It was part of my job.


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#ictedu T-30 and counting

Second draft of #ictedu poster by Paddy Gannon.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED in how to enhance your classroom skills as a teacher, you should head over to the registration page of the ICT in Education Conference [1] and join 100 others who will meet in LIT-Thurles [2] to "make, bake and take" away clever ideas. It's part of a long-running series of professional development talks and workshops held for the benefit of teachers everywhere.

I've elaborated on the tagline "Make-Bake-Take" before and think it fits nicely inside the strong theme of information and computing technology that organisers in Thurles have always espoused.

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One Month to #ICTEDU Maker Meet

Poster for #ictedu at LIT

LIKE MANY OF the clever teachers I've met in Ireland, I know I will enjoy the Maker Meet scheduled for Friday, April 24, 2015, on the campus of LIT-Thurles. [1] It's run by Mags Amond and Bianca Ní Ghrógaín and an essential part of a weekend involving the ICT in Education Conference and Workshops. [2]

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Working Around Poor iOS Bluetooth

ONE OF APPLE'S shortcomings is the company's steadfast resistance to sharing content between devices and that weak area causes headaches any time the extended family comes together with photos to share.

Fortunately, there are apps that help circumvent Apple's failure at Bluetooth. I have set up sync settings into shared cloud services with the family iPhones, Galaxies and Lumias. We share OneDrive and Flickr albums which means each handset owner can see photos and videos snapped and recorded by others. The weak link in this whole synchronised setup is data services. Some of the family use their smartphones without any mobile data and depend upon my Huawei MiFi to give them free and open internet access for sharing in the cloud. That is alright with me.

[Bernie Goldbach also serves as curator of family photo collections.]


#StPatricksDay Ate My Storage

I USED MY Lumia 1520 to record our activities during St Patrick's Day 2015 and the HD video recording alongside HQ audio recording consumed more than 10 MB of storage for every minute I recorded--all to produce the YouTube clip below the break. I need to clean out space on the handset and perhaps get a larger micro SD card.

When the Lumia 1520 has less than 4 GB available of its main storage, certain processes slow down. Anything that connects to an index runs slower--all my photos, videos and music pause before displaying. My email clients don't work smoothly either. OneNote will not launch. And I cannot depend upon Lumia Storyteller to perform.

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Creatives Promoting Ireland #StPatricksDay

IT IS ST PATRICK'S DAY and we're lucky enough to be able to stroll out our front door and walk around the Rock of Cashel (photo below) just like St Patrick did a few years ago.

Photo of The Rock by @topgold.

Yesterday, I spent 90 minutes talking with creative multimedia students how they might use their sophisticated social media skills to cross-promote a brand (or an event or a meme) concurrently with global acclamation for all things Irish. We used the slide deck below for talking points in our discussion.

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Learning Workflow Watching @tpemurphy

DURING THE COURSE of a phone call with Tom @tpemurphy Murphy, I learned some of his clever ideas on workflow. Many of the best ideas start with getting your plumbing in place with your note taking. [1]

Screenshot from @topgold's Lumia.

Tom uses several clever techniques with OneNote, [2] including the admonition to "start before you open OneNote". After reading through his blog post about OneNote  [3] for the third time, I have started pruning some of my in-hand processes so I can get a sense of closure by moving content from one section to another. My goal has become to refine ideas into long form content through a process of moving ideas through three stages. Two of those stages would be separate sections in my "unfiled" notebook. The third part of the process enters into a separate notebook where I pull the well-formed ideas into Scrivener for publication.

Learning Better Workflow


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