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Long Bet on Tablet

THIS IS A LONG BET POST. I wrote in April 2010 after reading an article written by Kathy Foley about the iPad. [5 MB PDF (dead link)] Several of her contributors thought that my sitting room would have an iPad sitting on a chair instead of newspapers or news magazines.

Photo by @topgold of iPad in sitting room.

Reviewing a Long Bet from 2010

I'm going to include a short video with this post to record just exactly what's in my sitting room today. I'm also going to record what's inside Mia's bookbag. Back in 2010, I thought that limited broadband capabilities would limit the uptake of electronic reading gadgets. I wondered "if this brave new world of always-on, swish-refreshing, dynamic content will really take over the time slots enjoyed by the broadcast spectrum." So, it's time to fess up and declare the answers to a few questions.

Question from 2010: "Bernie, are you still an avowed aynchronous infomaniac?"

Answer in 2015: Yes. I especially enjoy reading RSS feeds. It's an old habit.

Question from 2010: Do you use Twitter?

Yes. But mostly through Twitter lists or through a Tweetium, a Windows Phone app.

Question from 2010: Are you still reading your books by earbuds?

Answer in 2015: Yes, but I read more books through the Kindle app and I listen to many more hours of podcasts nowadays.

Question from 2010: Have you collected more than 300 leather-bound volumes in your home?

Answer from 2015: Yes. We have 754 leather-bond volumes in the home.

Written as a long bet to be reviewed on St Patrick's Day 2015 as well as publishing it now. Let's see how I consume my daily news in five years' time.

[Bernie Goldbach publishes long bets from himself and students.]

1. Bernie Goldbach -- "My iPad, My Saviour" written 11 April 2010.

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