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Occasionally Losing WiFi Bluetooth #surface

Screenshot from #surface by @topgold.

NEARLY EVERY TIME my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 takes a Windows Update, the Surface loses its Marvell Wireless Adapter. I have a simple work-around.

Restoring WiFi to Microsoft Surface

1. I downloaded the Marvell Adapter and stored it locally on the Surface. The download came from the Microsoft site as part of a major update.

2. When the Surface does not connect wirelessly, I go to the Device Manager (in the screenshot) and disable the wireless adapter.

3. After I disable the adapter, I delete it.

4. After I disable and delete the wireless adapter, I shut down the Surface.

5. When I restart the Surface, it normally finds the wireless adapter on its own.

6. I expect to have to log into several systems (such as Google) after reinstalling the wireless adapter. Tip: Use two-factor authentication.

[Bernie Goldbach has used the Microsoft Surface as his primary computer, rendering both audio and video simultaneously at times.]