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Getting a Perfect #OneNote Routine

Proof She Could Use a @GoPro

Video by @miarosegold in Clonegal.

TODAY MARKED A milestone of sorts as 7yo Mia asked to use my Lumia 1520 to run alongside her cousin while recording her best circuit of the Huntington Castle's obstacle course. Next time, I hope Mia has a GoPro.

I am impressed at Mia's clever creativity and by the way she's able to sprint around with an over-sized smart phone without running out of breath or ideas. I told her the steps to use with Camtasia after she pulled the video clip off the phone with a USB cable. [1] I think it's time to upgrade our array of recording devices and also to train other young pre-teens at Busybees in Clonmel with the handheld technology. Expect to see more of Mia's road camera work on my blog during the clear summer days ahead. [2]

1. Mia explains rendering at

2. Multimedia storytelling features in several parts of the ICT in Education Conference held on the campus of LIT-Thurles on Saturday, April 25, 2015.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches multimedia storytelling in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]