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Liking S/N Ratio of @magicRecs

ALTHOUGH MANY BREAKING stories emerge on Twitter, you often need to sift through the casual and banal to find info that matters--unless you enjoy the signal-to-noise ratio of @MagicRecs.

While listening to a report on RTE Morning Ireland through the static of our kitchen radio (shown below), a Twitter direct message from @MagicRecs suggested there was a back story related to the talking points of the day. In this instance, I learned @sulliview was recently followed by two journalists. Margaret @sulliview Sullivan is the New York Times public editor. I follow no fewer than 45 journalists on Twitter.

Photo of long-serving radio by @topgold.

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Welcoming @mitchjoel to Dublin

Screenshot from the Six Pixels podcast.

I'M IN DUBLIN for Bloomsday and the occasion allows me to connect with Mitch Joel, a man I knew as a rock and roll journalist years ago. Today, Mitch continues to share creative ideas with international audiences in person and through syndicated media with Mirum, an agency changing the future of advertising and marketing.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative multimedia at third level in Ireland with the help of CTRL Alt Delete.]

Getting Easy Wins with Office #delve

Screenshot of @topgold's O365 space.

ONE OF THE easiest wins in my personal productivity involves using Office Delve, a new app on my Android handset. It presents images and links, in a Flipboard-friendly way, of things related to business productivity.

Office Delve is a cloud-based service tied into Office 365. It recently pushed across the Sharepoint services used by the Limerick Institute of Technology and I started using it on my Sony Z3 handset because it shows me things I need to work on without me having to open my email client. This is a big leap in productivity for me because e-mail is a time sink.

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