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Building a Personal Timehop Deep Archive


I AM ALWAYS intrigued by personal data stored on Google's timelines and now with the demise of Google Plus, I want to create my own scraper that can follow my cloud-based moments, archiving them for generations to review.

 Right now I have 800 megabytes of media from three hours spent in Clonakilty's model railway village. It would be nice to access all those curated elements when 4yo Dylan enters his 20s.

I think Dave Winer has devised the workflow that best approaches a design process for what I want and it means nominating a central host (like a personal blog) as the main information hub where the crawling and archiving begins.

Returning to my rural roots

First Steps in the Comeraghs
Short video created with Lumia Storyteller by @topgold.

I HAVE FOND memories of growing up I a rural environment with corn across the road and cycling adventures unfolding on narrow roads where cars seemed out of place. Because I think our two young Irish children would enjoy that too, we've rented a small bungalow in County Tipperary to get their impressions.

And one of the benefits is discovering rural Tipperary alongside the mountainous terrain of West Waterford.

[Bernie Goldbach used Lumia Storyteller to produce a short video clip of a journey into the Comeraghs.]