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Imagine 46,000 Migrants Arriving in Ireland

REPORTS FROM several news outlets document how Germany expects to rehome 800,000 refugees this year. That is the per capita equivalent of 46,000 migrants arriving in Ireland. Germany is responding in a measured way to the outpouring of people streaming from civil war in Syria, ISIS purges in North Africa and clan hostilities in West Africa. In a poignant piece for The Sunday Business Post, Catherina O’Mahony shares a story from a refugee hostel in Hannover where a six-month-old Ghanaian baby named Angela Merkel lives. The little girl’s mother, Ophelya Ade, named her daughter after the German chancellor in gratitude for the care she and her daughter have received in Germany. I wonder if Ireland will ever see little boys with sub-Saharan complexions named Enda Kenny next year. After all, Ireland have committed to taking 520 people from Syria this year. I will keep looking at the birth register and report back. [Sent from Outlook Mail for Windows 10 on Lumia to Typepad publishing services.]

Passing Down the Tastes

Inherited Tastes
Photo by @topgold of a kitchen table event.

I WISH I had saved the stained and torn recipes my mom had stuffed inside her Betty Crocker Cookbook because they were the tastes that influenced our home in the last half of the 20th century. Moreover, many of those recipes came from Iowa where mom wrote down the exact method used by her mother to create meals. And some of those recipes were mash-ups of ideas that came across the ocean on wooden ships.

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Behind the CAO Headline Points #edchatie

BEHIND THE HEADLINE entry points data, the an Irish Times Freedom of Information Act result shows "more than 12 per cent of honours degree courses listed by universities and institutes of technology are taking in fewer than 10 students". [1] Joe Humphreys, the writer of the article, does not speculate why.

Dad at Work Snapped by 6yo Daughter
Snap of @topgold prepping a lecture hall.

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First Touch of Windows 10

I LIKE WINDOWS 10 for several reasons and can base my opinion on running the preview edition for several weeks along with wanting to tinker with the way my operating system works. First impressions: Edge is faster than Chrome. And Cortana is better than Google Now, especially when connected to the Bluetooth head unit in our Nissan Qashqai.

Windows 10 Installing Itself
Photo of Windows 10 starting to update.

Because I have a Windows 10 Mobile, I've seen big innovation with the web browser. Edge does some clever things. I like how its Hub works. I'd like to see a way to import my Lumia 1520 Hub content onto the Microsoft Surface.

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