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#audiolog aboard @IrishRail

Aboard Irish Rail

THERE WAS A TIME six years ago that I was Mayor of every Irish Rail train leaving Dublin. Today, I'm seated on the Limerick train and headed to Dublin for a walk of The Liberties with two creative multimedia students.

I like carrying familiar friends with me. My mobile broadband comes through a well-worn O2 Hotshot. I really need a 4G MiFi dangle, Santa. My Kindle Voyage let's me fill every 20 minute gap with another deep dive into essential reading to support the creative multimedia curriculum in the Limerick School of Art & Design. And my newest piece of kit is a Zoom H6 that we know will give us excellent soundscapes of Dublin. Expect to hear some of that ambience if you grab via a podcatcher.>Tabletop essentials

[Recorded in HiQ MP3 on Xperia and sent via Mail2blog using Typepad while underway in Ireland.]

Audiolog On Irish Rail