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The room of many ideas #ID2015

Room of Many Ideas
Guest Blog Post by Kevin Kehoe.

Visitors to the DesignFest in Clonmel can see "The Room of Many Ideas". This image first appeared in the hallway of LSAD-Clonmel during Pen and Pixel 2015 in LIT Clonmel. It looks like a study room filled with interesting visual things.

The most significant item in the photo is the study desk in the right of the shot. This desk suits the image well because the whole room looks like a student's room. In a perfect study room, a student can compose at a study desk and then have freedom of movement to walk around the room or open a to get some air. A second major fixture in the study room is the poster which looks like a solar system. It suggests that the owner of this room is an inventor or scientist, perhaps a success linked to the study desk.

The student using the room appears to imitate @austinkleon's use of clipboards to express feelings and ideation. A certificate hangs on the wall, suggesting he or she is a very successful scientist. The certificate could be motivational.

I would like to make this room of many ideas my very own. It would be a great place for me to do work because it contains many of the elements that would motivate me to be at my best for college and for life.

[Kevin Kehoe is a second year creative multimedia student on the Clonmel campus of the Limerick School of Art & Design. "The Room of Many Ideas" features as part of the Design Fest during the third week of November 2015 on the LSAD-Clonmel campus.]

#audiolog aboard @IrishRail

Aboard Irish Rail

THERE WAS A TIME six years ago that I was Mayor of every Irish Rail train leaving Dublin. Today, I'm seated on the Limerick train and headed to Dublin for a walk of The Liberties with two creative multimedia students.

I like carrying familiar friends with me. My mobile broadband comes through a well-worn O2 Hotshot. I really need a 4G MiFi dangle, Santa. My Kindle Voyage let's me fill every 20 minute gap with another deep dive into essential reading to support the creative multimedia curriculum in the Limerick School of Art & Design. And my newest piece of kit is a Zoom H6 that we know will give us excellent soundscapes of Dublin. Expect to hear some of that ambience if you grab via a podcatcher.>Tabletop essentials

[Recorded in HiQ MP3 on Xperia and sent via Mail2blog using Typepad while underway in Ireland.]

Audiolog On Irish Rail

Realia Bread with Thoughts for @absolutehotelGM

I HAVE ENJOYED two totally excellent loaves of multi-grain bread from the Absolute Bar and Grill and I have now shared the bread in a Realia lecture with students and in a tasting session with Mia (8).
The texture and aroma of the loaves delight me. I challenged students to deconstruct the bread as part of a tutorial in realia. With Mia, I wondered if we might harvest pumpkin seeds and make them part of another loaf. Stay tuned for the adventure as it unfolds.
[Sent mail2blog using Typepad services. Recorded and snapped on an Xperia with HiQ MP3.]


ABG Brown Bread.mp3

Working on the Gold Bar of Returning Readers

REGULAR READERS WILL KNOW that my personal website occasionally becomes a group blog and that's what is underway at the moment. Behind the scenes, we're evaluating its current function as part academic and part community.

The Value of Collateral Content
Screencap from Statcounter's tracking of

One element of the community dimension is to determine whether the audio clip attached to this blog entry ports across to several different podcatchers that are monitoring this blog. I know Pocketcasts picks up these audio entries but at the moment it appears Downcast doesn't find past entries, just the most current items containing an audio clip.

Working on the Gold Bar

If this idea evolves nicely, we will have a process to be used with the Youth Media Team during regular events those teens attend and record in the future.

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Open Note to @IrishTeachers #ID2015

CoderDojo eBook Work Session
Snapped while watching teens learn Kindle publishing on campus.

THE STAFF and students on our third level Clonmel campus have set aside a week of creative activities that complement the Year of Irish Design #ID2015 with seminars, demonstrations and hands-on sessions. You should check out if you, your child or your students have any interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Maths (STEAM).

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Beautiful Speed Photography in #ID2015

Guest post by Vita Medelyte. Image by Inese Vecele.

Inese Vecele Photography

A very creative image hangs in the hallways of DesignFest in Clonmel. According to the photographer Inese Vecele, the original brief was to go out and capture action/movement photography in interesting camera angles. Preparation was easy and straight forward. "Just grab the camera, pose the model and shoot". Easy as it may appear, the process of finding that one prefect image took quite a while. Inese produced a number of photographs, including the one above of @SamIsWoong (Sam Wong). Inese carefully selected several images for filtering and "this one was the best one". The original image was shot in color, then brought to Photoshop and changed into Black and White, because it gave the highest level of contrast.

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Trying to email media to blog

FOR THE PAST 13 years, I've successfully emailed words and images to my blog. For the next three weeks, I'm trying to improve the process by uploading still photos, short audio clips and 30 second video clips directly from my phone to

This is a work in progress that is complicated by the fact that Windows 10 Mobile isn't ready for prime time (see below).


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Tightening Up Content with an Audio Workflow

I'M CROSS-POSTING thoughts about the winds of change that blow me back towards the 13 years of legacy services served by  Typepad and away from quick throwaway audio clips that I've sent up to Audioboo for the past six years. The cross-posting is actually an experiment in disguise.

Blowing Changes

Click image to play on Audioboom.

I'm using a series of blog posts to determine how I might record, upload and link content that podcatchers will find and display. In this blog post, I'm offering two links to the spoken portion of this blog post. You can click to play one of the audio clips by tapping the above image. The second audio option is stored on OneDrive (below).

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Sunny Day in Cusack Park

Guest blog post by Padraig O'Connor.

It was the Minor A hurling final between Kilmaley and Feakle/Kilanena in Cusack Park in Ennis on the 27th of September 2014 and it was a day I won't forget.

This was our third Minor A hurling title in six years, while also reaching our third final three years in  row and winning two out of the three, so we were a very successful team. We won in 2012 and lost in 2013 so we knew what both winning and losing felt like, I guess this was an advantage going into the 2014 final. We had great trainers and coaches behind us which was a huge benefit.

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Standout Image #ID2015

Guest post by Fionn Murphy from the Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD).

The image of "Warren" struck me, as it clearly wasn't properly mounted on the main wall of LSAD-Clonmel. It's part of the Design Fest this November, on the campus of LIT-Clonmel, supporting the year of Irish Design.

Fionn Murphy

Creating this image clearly took a lot of effort and coordination. I asked the artist, Evan Maher, back to my house for tea and a discussion about the fine details of this portrait. I wanted to know who it was, how it was created and the emotions it was supposed to evoke. I learned the subject in the picture was one of an older brother, named Warren, a man for whom Evan holds great respect. The background and geometric shapes used were to signify Warrens career in architecture.

I like the photo for its overall visual appeal and its satisfying color scheme. The overlay on Warren is very simple yet thought-provoking, using simple triangles of various colors, blended together to make a final product that almost tricks your eye on first glance into thinking its a photograph. Evan said he spent a lot of time on this as it was the subject and proved to be very tricky. Everything from the shading to the excellent background appear professional and the finishing reflects the artist's potential to create something artistic from something simple.

To see "Warren" and other highly creative works of Irish design, please drop into the South Tipperary campus of the Limerick School of Art & Design on the N24 Ring Road, Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland.