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Starting a 60 Day Experiment

BECAUSE I BELIEVE there is value to collaborative work, I'm beginning a group experiment with my personal blog during the fourth quarter of 2015. If you're one of the 1123 regular subscribers, you will start to see a flow of content from three separate student cohorts--I hope you stay around and absorb the content.

Behind the scenes, three web analysts (below) will watch what's happening and provide three separate reports on what they can measure in terms of the value of a shared online space.

Web Analysts
Photo of the #measureit Slack Team.

The 60 day change in focus revolves around a series of guest blog posts that extend from active learning sessions at the Limerick Institute of Technology. One cohort of students focus on Sports Management. Another group of students are completing a Media Writing module taught to creative media students. And a third group is completing the Human Resource Management module the business department. I plan to learn from each of the posts as they trickle through my RSS reader and my Twitterstream.

We're setting a baseline point of analysis by using a combination of toolsets from both Statcounter (screencap below) and Google Analytics. From a publisher's viewpoint, it's important to determine whether the guest posts can organically return the blog back to its previous level of 300 daily readers. As the screenshot shows, it's not unusual to dip below 100 daily page views.

Statcounter view of Irisheyes
Screencap from Statcounter.

The biggest challenge for me is to review, edit and set in motion a series of publishing activities that promote the individual brands of the guest authors as well as pointing to the Design Festival on our Clonmel campus in mid-November 2015. And throughout the process, I need to ensure clear learning objectives are met so that the process of creating content can be part of the skill set our graduates can take into the workplace during the next three years.

[Bernie Goldbach is a creative multimedia and business lecturer for the Limerick Institute of Technology.]