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The Curious Case of Squeak No More #DIY

MY BLOG RANG me a few minutes ago to ask about a special set of screws. Read on if you are intrigued about the steps (in photo) and squeaks.

Steps before Sheeting
Photo of stairs by @topgold.

I wrote about a series of DIY projects challenging me five years ago. One project involved fixing squeaky stairs. I needed a way of stopping the squeaks so I wrote about a possible solution involving a set of screws I meant to buy when Stateside. [1]

But I never got the screws and the stairs kept squeaking. They still squeak for the current home owner. And I have a new squeak in our current rental bungalow but no anti-squeak screws.

However, it is relatively easy to find my blog when Googling for squeaky stairs in Ireland. And since my phone number is on top of my blog, I get the occasional request for No-squeak Screws. When that call happened today, I had to tell the confused caller that I was ill-equipped to help. But I am resolved to get the screws [2] before our trip Stateside next year.

So in the Christmas season, if you hear a squeak underfoot, feel free to ring my blog. The number is on top of nearly every page.

1. Bernie Goldbach -- "How to fix squeaky stairs" on, September 3, 2006.

2. O'Berry Enterprises -- "Sqeeeeeek No More

[Sent mail2blog using Typepad posting services while underway in Ireland.]