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The room of many ideas #ID2015

Room of Many Ideas
Guest Blog Post by Kevin Kehoe.

Visitors to the DesignFest in Clonmel can see "The Room of Many Ideas". This image first appeared in the hallway of LSAD-Clonmel during Pen and Pixel 2015 in LIT Clonmel. It looks like a study room filled with interesting visual things.

The most significant item in the photo is the study desk in the right of the shot. This desk suits the image well because the whole room looks like a student's room. In a perfect study room, a student can compose at a study desk and then have freedom of movement to walk around the room or open a to get some air. A second major fixture in the study room is the poster which looks like a solar system. It suggests that the owner of this room is an inventor or scientist, perhaps a success linked to the study desk.

The student using the room appears to imitate @austinkleon's use of clipboards to express feelings and ideation. A certificate hangs on the wall, suggesting he or she is a very successful scientist. The certificate could be motivational.

I would like to make this room of many ideas my very own. It would be a great place for me to do work because it contains many of the elements that would motivate me to be at my best for college and for life.

[Kevin Kehoe is a second year creative multimedia student on the Clonmel campus of the Limerick School of Art & Design. "The Room of Many Ideas" features as part of the Design Fest during the third week of November 2015 on the LSAD-Clonmel campus.]