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Connecting SNC and Sports Management Blogs #fitnessmedia

Photo saved by Levi Howard.

WE HAVE MORE THAN 60 new bloggers in the Strength and Conditioning (SNC) and Sports Management programmes developing their presence online through blogging and social media. I'm taking a moment to begin listing the names and hyperlinks to athletes' blogs I've discovered on the Moylish and Thurles campuses of the Limerick Institute of Technology.

Fiachra Cotter

Colm Coughlan

James De Silva

Jack English

David Frayne

Sean Geoghegan

Shane Gloster

Killian Hannon

Dale Hayes

Levi Howard

Adam Kelly

Ian McNamara

Michael Nagle

Robert O'Grady

David Reidy

Joe Shanahan

[Bernie Goldbach teaches social media and e-commerce in three campus locations for the Limerick Institute of Technology.]