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18 posts from November 2015

November 20, 2015

Sports Management Blogs #fitnessmedia

WE'RE MARKING THE 2015-16 academic year by setting up dozens of blogs with sports management and strength and conditioning students in the Limerick Institute of Technology. I'm using this blog post to list the ones I've spotted in my Google Alerts.

Kilmaley Minor Final - Padraig O'Connor
Photo from Padraig O'Connor of Kilmaley Minor Final.

These blogs were started in 2015 as part of the two separate degree programmes offered by the Limerick Institute of Technology, one in Thurles and another in Moylish Park. Hopefully, some of these blogs will offer sports insider news, information about sports business deals and some perspective on effective sports marketing. These topics are as important to aspiring sports managers.

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November 18, 2015

Using @OfficeDelve to Enhance Academic Engagement

AFTER PRESENTING A short slide deck about how I use Delve inside SharePoint for Business, several colleagues recommended tactics I might consider to further enhance engagement in my classrooms.

One of the recurring thoughts offered by fellow lecturers involves setting academic marks for work accomplished during timetabled activities. I may need to revert to this practise while still maintaining my blended learning approach.

Using Delve for Engagement

[Bernie Goldbach teaches on the creative multimedia and business programmes at the Limerick Institute of Technology.]


November 16, 2015

Connecting SNC and Sports Management Blogs #fitnessmedia

Photo saved by Levi Howard.

WE HAVE MORE THAN 60 new bloggers in the Strength and Conditioning (SNC) and Sports Management programmes developing their presence online through blogging and social media. I'm taking a moment to begin listing the names and hyperlinks to athletes' blogs I've discovered on the Moylish and Thurles campuses of the Limerick Institute of Technology.

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November 11, 2015

The Slow Slog in the Gym

I'M FEELING THE RESULT of letting myself grow into a morbidly obese man. I feel it in my upper arms and abdomen right after completing a set of exercises that never would have challenged me four decades ago.

I'm following the guidance of two sports management students on the campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology as they lead me through 30 minutes in the gym twice a week. I really need to add another four sessions to this routine and accomplish the same repetitions on my own at home. 

I started sharing snaps of my programme by scraping screens and documenting food intake because I think I'm living with the wrong kind of influence between our fridge and our oven. I need to focus on fruit and veg more than bread and biscuits because those sweet things are landing on my waist.

Training Report

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November 10, 2015

Digital and Contemporary Marketing Practice

I'M LOOKING AT three syllabi of instruction for different cohorts of students in business and creative multimedia while noticing several conclusions that might be drawn about their perspectives on digital and contemporary marketing practice.

Design Thinking with Lumia
Design Thinking with Lumia.

I have dozens of clippings inside my OneNote collections that are relevant to the space of digital and contemporary marketing practice. But I prefer to reduce that large collection to six key points, substantiated by listening to the Daily Tech News Show.

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November 09, 2015

#PersonalBest in Semple Stadium

This guest post by Shane Hogan is one of a series of blog items written by sports management students in the Limerick Institute of Technology.

Semple Stadium
Photo of Semple Stadium by Galwaybay FM.

My personal best is winning a schools hurling final in Semple Stadium with with Ballinaclough National School. I was twelve years of age.

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#PersonalBest with Boston #GAA

David Reidy achieved a Personal Best when winning a Boston Hurling Championship for the hurling club Tipperary Boston in the summer of 2015. This is part of his story.

David Reidy Hurling
From Google Images.

I went to Boston for the last six weeks of the summer holidays. My main aim going over was to play hurling, but i had to work when over there. There is a very competitive Hurling Championship in this part of America. It is a credit to members of the GAA in both Ireland and America to have a such a strong championship in a foreign country with a mixture of nationalities playing.

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November 08, 2015

#PersonalBest #Waterford #Ballysaggart #GAA

Kieran Bennett shares one of his Personal Bests--winning a Junior Munster Hurling Championship with his Club Ballysaggart.

Kieran Bennett after winning the Munster Final
Kieran Bennett after winning Munster Final.

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November 07, 2015

Trying Chat Center h/t @scobleizer

ChatcenterI ALREADY HAVE too many contact mechanisms in place so it might not be smart to add yet another method. But I like the IRC feel of the Gillmor Gang's Chat Center so I'm playing around with the code on my Typepad blog.

Except I know I need more control over my default templates on Typepad and on Wordpress, so it means going the extra lap and making a custom template for pages on both platforms. I'll try the Chat Center widget as part of this blog post to see if I can make it work when this short update publishes. And then I'll try the same thing on a free Wordpress site. I'll be impressed if the short snippet of code connects RSS readers to my Chat.Center/Topgold space.

Say "Hi!" if you spot this update in your news reader--it's showing up as two chat center buttons in the edit screen of this post.

[Bernie Goldbach has experimented with random snippets of HTML since 1994.]

November 06, 2015

Strong Team #PersonalBest

This guest post by Ryan McGovern is one of a series written by sports management students in the Limerick Institute of Technology.


My Personal Best goes back to 2012 when I was playing gaelic football with the local team 'Na Gaeil'. I was playing my first year at minor level, the group of lads playing this year was relatively strong compared to pervious years but by no means could we predict for what we went on to achieve. 

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