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Geometric Portrait #ID2015

This guest post by @Marty_2k12 features an image that has attracted dozens of creative students walking the hallways of LSAD-Clonmel. You can see this photograph and enjoy hours of animated content during DesignFest during the third week of November 2015.

Portrait by Ev Maher

This portrait, built from triangles and quadrilaterals gives a new meaning to portraits. Its geometric design with distinct architecture in the background help to break down what makes up a face, shapes, in fact it is what makes up the world.

“Craft is what we are expected to know; art is the unexpected use of our craft.” 
― Ed CatmullCreativity, Inc.

From a Photoshop tutorial inspiration sparked and this piece was born, little did Evan know that it could have so much more to it than just that. Taking something simple and interpreting it, and then making your own, this is what true art is (to me anyway). A piece that inspires or makes you want to sit down and create something new.

I myself was brought to this from my love of architectural elements. Anything architectural interests me--it was a backup job choice. The city-scape  in the background is excellently presented, clean, polished, just like an architect's drawing.

People may be drawn to it for other reasons, maybe its simplicity, or its illusion of simplicity as it's not like tracing an image. You have to break what you understand, to find shapes in the face, and represent them with a single colour and shape.

This creative work gives a new view to the world, a world of shapes and design. You just need to look for it.

[Martin Whelan studies Digital Animation Production in Clonmel under the school of Limerick Art and Design. This piece in particular was on display for Pen and Pixel 2015 and is currently on display on campus for #ID2015 during DesignFest.]