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November 07, 2015

Trying Chat Center h/t @scobleizer

ChatcenterI ALREADY HAVE too many contact mechanisms in place so it might not be smart to add yet another method. But I like the IRC feel of the Gillmor Gang's Chat Center so I'm playing around with the code on my Typepad blog.

Except I know I need more control over my default templates on Typepad and on Wordpress, so it means going the extra lap and making a custom template for pages on both platforms. I'll try the Chat Center widget as part of this blog post to see if I can make it work when this short update publishes. And then I'll try the same thing on a free Wordpress site. I'll be impressed if the short snippet of code connects RSS readers to my Chat.Center/Topgold space.

Say "Hi!" if you spot this update in your news reader--it's showing up as two chat center buttons in the edit screen of this post.

[Bernie Goldbach has experimented with random snippets of HTML since 1994.]


Interesting little chat interface. Thanks for sharing, Bernie.
Happy Turkey Day from Nashville.

I'm going to try the interface in a classroom environment and see how it might work during a meetup with teachers.

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