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The 8yo Set Today in All the Phones

Big Day for the Christmas Play
Reminder set by @miarosegold.

SOMETIME IN NOVEMBER, our inventive 8yo borrowed her parents' phones to set up an electronic reminder that her Christmas Play was at 2PM on 17 December 2015. I was surprised at the time because when she started clicking through the menus, she simply worked through all the prompts and returned my Xperia Z5 to me with the notification running in the background.

Like many of Mia's activities, the images and videos sit behind the "family" filter on Flickr. I've rewound into the month of December to see Mia on stage during two earlier Christmas plays and realise I have to take the time to create a showreel for her on the mic. She's evolving into a confident performer.

For the record, the app Mia used on my Android phone is Countdown+ Widgets. I bought a minor upgrade so we could modify the background of the notification with a personalised image, set dates more than 1000 days away and use the app as a Sticky Note. Countdown+ lets me set countdowns in years, months and weeks. And if I really cared, I could count up from my day of birth in seconds.

[Bernie Goldbach is the senior drone pilot and creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]