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Time to #create with @sway

Getting Student Feedback on @sway

Camera work by Thomas Lonergan.

I'M TRYING TO create a mechanism through which my third level students can co-author a summary of every major topic on their syllabus of instruction. After several dozen practical sessions, I can recommend Microsoft Sway as a tool that my creative students use without major snags.

Sway is an online cloud service run by Microsoft and available as an app to students in the Limerick Institute of Technology. At set intervals, I ask students an overhead question relevant to the items being taught. During the final hour of our classroom work, those students add a slide to the daily Sway. It's a simple way of getting 360 feedback from students. I plan to continue using the Sway cloud service and hope to see its editing power on handsets. It works a charm on iPads and student laptops.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative multimedia to third level students in the Limerick Institute of Technology.]