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On Raising a Couch Potato

Couch Potato After Christmas
Photo by @topgold on Flickr.

CHRISTMAS DELIVERED tech items to our Tipperary household and while I throttled back on my key strokes, Mia (8) found total immersion with Nintendo DS (see photo).

Tamodachi Life with @miarosegold


Fact is, Mia toggles between her DS, my on-loan Surface, Mom's Macbook Air, the Homebook (Chromebook) and a first generation iPad. She also controls a Kindle Voyage, iPhone 6 and Xperia Z5 phone. I've put a Lumia 1020 in her dresser because that contains more than twenty euro of games she purchased last year when it was still a main phone.

I've encouraged Mia to start daily journal entries in a small Moleskine--one page every 366 days of 2016. Page One is dedicated to the Nintendo DS. Page Two will be dedicated to Pop on Freeview. We need time away from screens to truly develop our creativity.

[Bernie Goldbach grew up without technology or television.]