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Listening to more things in my Pocket h/t @eske

Screengrab of my Pocket Upgrade on Xperia Z5.

ONE OF THE UNEXPECTED things connected to my workflow is how I listen to what's in my Pocket collection. [1] Until I started dabbling with Narro for its text-to-speech awesomeness, I had relegated Pocket from my main workflow. Now I've discovered how quickly the things in Pocket become listening content.

When SoundGecko stopped reading my RSS feeds for me, I wondered if I could locate a substitute. Fortunately, Jason Goff heard me mumbling and he suggested Narro. And although Narro does a good job of locating 12 RSS feeds I follow, there's often more in my newsfeeds than Narro harvests. It was often the same for SoundGecko and the problem arose because of the time stamps on the originating content. If the author worked a draft into final copy and uploaded the final with a date-time stamp earlier than the real date and time, the audio podcatcher would often ignore the content.

Now if I want to hear the newsfeed content read via Narro, I just "send to Pocket" and Narro normally creates the audio file within an hour. I get the Narro content on my Xperia Z5 handset via Pocketcasts.

I really respect all these developers for sharing API calls that work on various platforms and I wish I had a way of quickly exporting my Kindle clippings to a place where Narro could read them.

  1. I recommend GetPocket
  2. The text-to-speech program I use is at

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