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Reflecting on #ePortfolioHub16

Hands-on with @sway at #ePortfolioHub16

I SPENT THE AFTERNOON in a computer lab with teachers, lecturers and trainers during the third day of ePortfolioHub16. One of my happiest results came at the end of the day when I clicked into the co-authored Sway produced by those attending my workshop.

Fifteen people attended my two-hour workshop but some did not complete the task involving Sway because of issues with their Facebook accounts. The content in the Sway come from screen captures created inside Facebook. It's interesting to notice the diversity of content in the Sway as you page down the screen. You can see the Sway directly at https://sway.com/BEdyz5wawtg4DWov

I use Office Sway, part of Office 365 on our campus, in many of the workshops I facilitate in the business and design departments.

+++ Bernie Goldbach is a creative multimedia lecturer at the Limerick Institute of Technology.