It's #paddysday Day in Ireland but
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Learning @UsePencil with 8yo @miarosegold

BECAUSE OUR ENERGETIC daughter wants to share stories with friends, I showed her Pencil on my Android phone and she made a story. Then she tapped into the UsePencil site on the Surface Pro 2 and discovered it was much easier.

I think we have a winning workflow here that starts with Mia snapping photos and screenshots of things she enjoys. Then she makes a little storyboard in a pocket-sized Moleskine where she tries to write captions for each image. And finally she creates a draft inside Pencil's easy-to-use platform.

Mia is getting a nice bounce after three short Pencil stories, recording more than 50 views. (She can thank Facebook for its network effect.) More importantly, a half dozen people have commented on her work and the questions they've asked give her follow-on topics of interest. In fact, the story "What Ireland Is" answers Sue's question, "What is Ireland like?"

I'm curious to see if she will stick with this creative process beyond her Spring Break. I think she should keep a record of the next important day in her life when she wears a lovely white dress up the aisle of St Mary's Church for her First Communion. I'm also interested in seeing if she will recraft her work with Office Sway because that platform, though more sophisticated, permits a wider range of media content and effects.

You can see Mia's beginner's work at