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Meeting Kelly Gray #ictedu h/t @beckwurd

Kelly Gray - #ictedu character
Illustration by Becky O'Regan.

THE FACE OF KELLY GRAY sits on my Surface screen as we continue planning for the day-long ICT in Education Conference on Saturday, April 23, on the campus of LIT-Thurles. Kelly is a character developed by Becky O'Regan, an animation student studying on the Clonmel campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT).

Eleven different groups of creative students are creating characters that will feature as part of the #ictedu public relations campaign online and on digital information screens throughout LIT. As one of the PR lecturers, I get to see character sketches when they appear inside the Collaboration Space of OneNote, the system we're using to trade information among the creatives. PR students are describing the characters they're creating as well as discussing the kinetic text they'll use to complement the images on screen.

When I showed Kelly Gray to my young daughter, she told me that Kelly was a scientist because Kelly wears a lab coat and has protective goggles. Mia (8) also though Kelly would be easy to talk to because she looked friendly.

During the next three weeks, we will continue offering Kelly Gray places to visit as we promote the ICTEDU theme of Co-Creation for the April 2016 main event.

*** Bernie Goldbach is a creative multimedia lecturer at the Limerick Institute of Technology.