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Calling the Toon
Photo from The Sunday Times.

THE SUNDAY TIMES has a lovely article about the Irish animation industry today [1] and it caused me to think of the lovely work Cartoon Saloon has put into its artful productions.

A lot of the stories concerning the Irish film and television sector concern the size of contracts, the growth of companies or the acquisition of studios. But I prefer looking at the quality of the work done by Paul Young, Tomm Moore and their hard-working team through the years.

I lived in Kilkenny during Cartoon Saloon's earliest days, knowing the animators were inspired by their shared love of animation while never earning a proper wage. When the first big contracts started rolling in, Cartoon Saloon grew its staff while simultaneously producing artful pieces with luscious background imagery and a Celtic style. These sorts of High Art productions rarely cross over into commercial space but Cartoon Saloon earned Oscar nominations which put them on commercial studios' radars.

The Cartoon Saloon's ethos is one worthy of respect and I'm glad we can see and hear of their hard work as part of the digital animation production degree programme on our campus at LIT-Clonmel.

1. Brian Carroll -- "Calling the Toon" in The Sunday Times, March 27, 2016. Image from The Sunday Times.

+++ Bernie Goldbach is a creative multimedia lecturer working for the Limerick School of Art & Design.