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Another Successful #makermeet

First Facebook Live Stream from Irish College Campus using #nytvr

I'M WORKING WITH a cadre of clever creative multimedia students and today we spent part of a lab session making a live Facebook Stream on The Gathering Table just outside the entrance to our campus in Clonmel, County Tipperary. This might be the first instance of a live Facebook stream on an Irish college campus:

Part of my group in a first year social media module spent the last 15 minutes of a timetabled class session responding to my unrehearsed questions. Then they held my cracked iPhone 5C as we went around the table for a short conversation about the VR Vision headset they had just used to view several high quality clips offered free for viewing by NYTVR. The New York Times VR production levels pique the interest of several of our students. Some are already thinking of ways to create 360 videos or stories that will play well on the virtual reality canvas.

Now that I know the nearly-crippled iPhone can serve up a Facebook Live stream, I'm going to try several live conversations during this Friday's Maker Meet in Thurles. Then a Youth Media Team will use Facebook Live to complement their normal workload as they interview teachers during the annual ICT in Education Conference on the campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology in Thurles on Saturday, April 23rd.

+++ Bernie Goldbach is a creative multimedia and business lecturer in the Limerick Institute of Technology.