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April 2016

Gold Star for Immersive Learning

She made a star shape in one cut
Photo by @topgold of Mia's cut-out.

IT TURNS OUT I wasn't the only person lifted by a weekend of making and creating--young Mia (8) also keeps chatting about what she saw, heard and did when at a Maker Meet [1] the evening before our annual ICT in Education Conference in Thurles, County Tipperary last weekend.

Mia has seen me working with the Youth Media Team who feature at major education events throughout Ireland. She thinks it's nice that these students actually get a voice in how the conferences unfold. And she knows our Youth Media Team complete an entire documentary package of researching, questioning, recording and photographing events. These teens are adding their voices to an important educational process.

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One Degree of Separation from Ireland's Rich List

Animation and The Sunday Times Rich List
Cathal Gaffney in the Sunday Times.

FOR THE FIRST TIME, I know people on Ireland's Rich List. The Sunday Times puts the Collison Brothers, Colm Lyon and two Brown Bag animators on The Sunday Times Rich List and I've met all four of the lads in different places throughout Ireland and France. It's nice to see success touch the lives of deserving people.

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Open-Minded Creatives and their Processes #ictedu

Learning with the Youth Media Team
A Workflow in Co-Creation.

AFTER MAJOR EVENTS--the ones that flit in and out of my dreams--I believe it's important to note what happened in terms of personal development but also to consider what cosmic event might have occurred for others who share the same interests. The past two days are that significant.

I put an image on this post that Rachael Cooke drew as I spoke in a workshop that demonstrated what the members of the Youth Media Team do when they report on events and share their reflections online. Their work interests me because they bring a teenager's perspective to people and events that I attend. What they see and hear emerges as audio interviews and blog posts. You can hear everything they produced during the 2016 ICT in Education Conference in one large playlist served by Audioboom, a free cloud service.

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First Facebook Live Stream from Irish College Campus using #nytvr

I'M WORKING WITH a cadre of clever creative multimedia students and today we spent part of a lab session making a live Facebook Stream on The Gathering Table just outside the entrance to our campus in Clonmel, County Tipperary. This might be the first instance of a live Facebook stream on an Irish college campus:

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Helping uni students develop a personal brand #SocialSavvy16 #eportfoliohub16

I HAVE VOLUMES of notes and years of experience that I share every year with third level students in Ireland. I hope to build upon the experience of last week's Social Savvy Conference by sharing what I've learned about effective social networking with 120 students in modules I teach for the Limerick Institute of Technology.

I started the process with an audio clip on, hoping to capture dozens of voices while answering the question, "How do you build an effective personal brand?" I will pass around a well-worn iPhone 5C to various students, hoping to hear evidence-based answers.

Twitter Personal Brand

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