The Day Facebook Live Arrived for Me
First Facebook Live Stream from Irish College Campus using #nytvr

Thanking the Primary School History Teacher

OUR 8YO DAUGHTER is mesmerised by the story of the Titanic because of what she hears in her primary school classroom. She is asking questions at home while sharing facts through storyboards such as the Commaful frames embedded above.

Mia's big interests about the large ship revolve around the technology of the time and the animals on board. She has also learned that some people could not get befriend others based on social status. Her reading of the Titanic experience has made her realise how low a third class person is treated and she has seen several written and video treatments that make Irish out to be third class through and through.

Because one of my start-up tabs is open to the Commaful editing platform,  8yo Mia can use the free platform capture images and write captions for ideas she wants to share. Her Titanic story has a unique twist involving kittens, something I had not noticed in the original documentary of the White Star Line. If you're interested in how an 8yo girl views the sinking of the Titanic 104 years later, please click into Mia's story about the Titanic on Commaful.

+++ Bernie Goldbach is a creative multimedia lecturer at the Limerick Institute of Technology.