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The Day Facebook Live Arrived for Me

When Facebook Live Arrived in my hand
Updating Facebook with @topgold.

I WATCH FACEBOOK LIVE download on my iPhone 5C, hoping it would find its way to my Android phone (seen updating above) but it didn't. Now I wonder what I should do with the new-found capability because I don't want to create another way for my friends to ignore me.

To start a live broadcast with my Facebook iOS app, I just tap the pencil with paper icon Update Status at the top of my Timeline then tap the icon of a head inside a double halo Live Stream icon. It helps to write a description for the Live Stream so people know what they're missing. The stream starts when I tap Go Live and it ends when I tap Finish.

Facebook Live Videos can be no longer than 30 minutes. They stay on Timelines or Pages like any other video.

I think we may try a few Facebook Live videos during the ICT in Education Conference on Saturday, April 23rd, using a battle-scarred iPhone 5C and a tripod.

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