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May 22, 2016

1300 Days Remaining Before Pivot

Working on Surface Pro 4
Photo of @miarosegold by @topgold.

MY COUNTDOWN+ CALENDAR tells me I have 1300 days until my last day of work as a full-time lecturer in Ireland's third level system. Because of that very real event horizon, I have started a transition checklist that I consult every hundred days of this countdown sequence and this blog post automatically published to remind me to check my progress.

The lovely thing about embargo publishing systems is I don't have to worry about publishing any long form content today since I wrote this material two months ago while watching 8yo Mia create a blog post. My hope is that she will continue exploring ways to create and share stories of what it's like growing up in Ireland. I wish I had stored those social experiences so I could compare my pre-teen years to hers.

I have a lot of unfinished business to tidy up in Ireland, not the least of which concerns retirement income. I've ploughed pension contributions into the Irish civil service system and need to regularlise my status in the Republic to ensure I have a claim to that pension pot. I've a measly amount of Social Security from the States but getting that flow of American funds without losing a big chunk through currency exchange means going back to my home town and setting up another American bank account. These are major tasks on my plate during the summer of 2016 but I don't think I'll fly west in 2016.

I've learned a lot while reading the musings of colleagues who are connected with me in online watering holes. They give me a lot of free advice. But unless I ink their sound advice on a paper-powered checklist, I will have no traction and my fast-approaching pivot will collapse in sand.

Time to focus on a few hills marking the final 1300 miles.

+++ Bernie Goldbach is is a third level lecturer in business, creative multimedia, digital animation and software development at the Limerick Institute of Technology.


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