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After an Academic Year with @MSonenote h/t @t1step #edchatie

I JOINED 20 other third level educators in a lab on the main campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology to share my thoughts on using OneNote during the past academic year. The noteworthy discovery for me unfolded when I realised my OneNote workflow was much more efficient than my previous work with multiple tabs with web browsers.

I had forgotten that most of my colleagues had not started using Office 365 tools currently available through the subscription service arranged by As a result, the Powerpoint deck I used needs to be modified with an on-ramp. People need to know the basics of OneNote as well as know what I'm doing with my personal OneNote subscription and with my work OneNote collection.

The half-day workshop was organised by Seamus Hoyne and the @T1Step programme, a very valuable initiative for upskilling while sharing ideas with colleagues.

A Yammer Community of Practise at supports OneNote and I've shared my slide deck and follow-on ideas inside that group.

+++ Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology.