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Sharing My STEM Stories at #SciFest in Thurles

SCIFEST CAME TO THURLES today and dozens of second level students displayed their work in hallways and listened to people explain what they achieved through a solid foundation in science, technology, engineeing and math. I shared my perspective during 10-minute session by using a YouTube clip to bring some of my past career into wide screen view.

My flying time as a T-38 instructor pilot features prominently in the eight-minute video. What many people fail to realise is flying a supersonic aircraft can be safely accomplished only with a working knowledge of aeronautics. I was fortunate because my undergraduate days exposed me to aeronautics and astronautics--along with physics and electrical engineering, both very helpful in grasping technical concepts when learning to fly 19 different aircraft and gliders during my active flying career.

This was the first time I produced a video for a young audience (instead of a Powerpoint deck) and the result suggested I should convert more of my learning materials to motion graphics.

If you run the video all the way to the end, you may notice the electronic handshakes I offered the "nearby" audience. That tactic worked better than I predicted. 

+++ Bernie Goldbach is a creative multimedia and business lecturer at the Limerick Institute of Technology. See his STEM video at and enjoy the backing track of "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum. The artist permits use of his track under the standard YouTube license. Nice one.