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Hands-on Visual Learning Language with @IdeaPaintIRL

Writing on the wall

ANECDOTALLY, I know people who learn visually--that's why I try to produce overhead learning material with strong visual elements. Scientifically, neuroscience tells me people learn by sketching. Watching both happen together proves the imperative of Idea Paint, a compound that transforms nearly any smooth surface into an erasable white board similar to what I used at a Drupal Camp in Limerick.

This summer, I'm coating one of our sun-washed studio walls with product from Idea Paint and as it unfolds, expect a few Pen & Pixel Snap Stories to explain the cognitive science behind the process. I want to begin in a cramped inner hallway, using the erasable characteristic when planning a series of #eprdctn projects and podcast segments.

James Zull -- From Brain to Mind ISBN 9781579224622

+++ Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology. The crew @IdeaPaintIRL are at