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July 18, 2016

Google Shares Where You Work

Google shares where you work
Screenshot from my Xperia phone.

WHEN I FIRST SAW the names of people on my Google Maps next to pinpoints where they worked, I remembered that I told Google that I did not mind sharing my home or work location (and then I spoofed my home location).

The screenshot (above) shows the names of several people I wouldn't mind meeting over a cup of coffee when going to Dublin. The embedded image (below) shows what you might see if you ever find yourself near the work stations of some of the most creative animators and multimedia production students in Ireland.

Feel free to ping me for a coffee chat if you see Topgold (work) on a map. My number is easy to find on my blog or directly through a web search. Or hit me up on Facebook like Jon Hanna did when this item cross-posted to Facebook.

Facebook Responses

I'm very transparent about where I work but a little foggy about where we live. The only people who need to know where we live have the address on parcels from Amazon or Thomann. Even people on our Christmas card list don't have our correct address (because we've moved four times in 11 years). I think it's good to see friends using the "nearby" tab on different apps so if you're so inclined to see me, tap and view your friends to see if I'm there.

+++ Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology.


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