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Pilgrimage to @OMahonysBooks

Curation in a world of excess

WITH OUR SCHOOL BOOK LIST in hand, we're headed on a cross-country journey to O'Mahony's of Limerick to begin stocking our shelves for the upcoming school year. It's always a memorable journey.

This year, we're taking a cab to town then a bus across county lines. Mia has tapped a school book list into the communal iPhone. I'm blogging this short piece to remind me about a title on O'Mahony's shelves that I plan to use in the Media Writing module for the autumn semester.

We planned this little 50 mile journey a few days ago, rehearsing the departure times with four year old Dylan and eight year old Mia. Both of them got up an hour earlier than normal and counted down the minutes for the taxi's arrival. I wish there was a way to ensure the same sort of time-keeping rolled over into the normal school year.

+++ Bernie Goldbach has watched the school year unfold in the States, in Germany and in Ireland.