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TWITTER NOTIFICATIONS tell me we are within 100 days of Code Week EU. We're planning on doing our part in this highly important initiative alongside Get Coding Kids.

We took a trip to O'Mahony's Book Store in Limerick to buy Get Coding since its easy-reading text lays down the same learning pathways I used to train unemployed creatives how to code in the late 90s. The ten euro paperback book is supported by Young Rewired State, an expert community of coders. The Guardian described those collaborators as "the people who build the technologies of our future". I hope that to see the joy on the faces of local under-10s as they create simple stories on web pages that they code with HTML, Javascript and CSS.

And I want to capture their voices by creating audio recordings of their experiences, using the talented Youth Media Team to follow around some of the young people as they make and share their work.

So if Mags Amond is reading this short blog post, I wonder if she would send me a DM to explore whether our young interview team might ring her via Skype to answer some important questions about how the plans for EU Code Week are unfolding. It's happening from the 15th to the 22nd of October 2016.

+++ Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media to people between the ages of five and 75. Dylan (5) is holding his copy of Get Coding on the streets of Limerick. You can get used copies of the book for under five dollars in time for Code Week EU.