First Time for Northern Parades #kilkeel
Rumbling B-17 Above Sand Cottage #kilkeel

Saving those young voices

I HAVE A GADGET drawer full of cables, microphones and recorders and our two kids enjoy cobbling together audio equipment in order to create sound clips they can record and share.
Our preferred method of recording involves using a local app (Alon MP3 or iOS or HiQ MP3 on Android) and then uploading to my blog or to AudioBoom. We also use Anchor, a free app on iOS.
The handy thing about local recording is knowing a smart background process is saving the audio clips into OneDrive where we can pull the clips for remixing. I really wish my dad had recorded myself and my four brothers while we were growing up but that was before cassette recording. So I'm doing my part with smartphones and cables.
[Photo of XLR Dylan.]