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My Final Pasture Petrol Cut

After the final cut in Knocklofty

I'VE PUT A TWO-CYCLE audio clip on my timeline because we have walked away from the pastures of Knocklofty to rent a smaller home eight miles away in town. Even though I would spend up to three hours behind the mower (and burn through seven euro of petrol with its leaky tank), I miss the vigorous therapy that came with push mowing.

I will also miss the early morning sound of the eight wood pigeons who would visit ahead of three separate flocks of blackbirds, rooks, starlings and crows. And I reckon it will be several years before we have swallows back under the eaves and field mice roaming under our shed.

++++ Bernie Goldbach has spent 21 summers in Ireland. He gave his 10 year old mower to a friend neighbour before moving from the countryside.