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Amazon Echo Dot in Ireland

THOSE CLEVER PEOPLE on confirmed for me that I could run Amazon Echo in Ireland and that means Echo Dot would fit into my lifestyle quite nicely.

Our 8yo daughter already uses her voice to look up things on the family smartphones so I think we could ask Mia to manage a few Echo Dots as part of an array in a smart hub for our home. I like the idea of a house that can listen and respond to our queries.

I know from experience that the Amazon Echo controls Spotify brilliantly and that it could pull my radio and podcast favourites from Tunein. Plus we already have set-ups for a half dozen sockets that it could help control with lights and devices.

We will need to jump into a SmartThings hub because it acts as the intermediary between the Echo and the LightwaveRF (LWRF) hub. And I will need to code some NodeJS on an Ubuntu VM between SmartThings and LWRF hub. That will most likely fill a few weekends of work before we can proudly point to out dedicated VM.

Big props to Adam Clark for his LightwaveRF SmartThings NodeJS Server Setup. "This could be quite daunting," Adam says to first-time viewers.

+++ Bernie Goldbach wants a smarter home.